• last update: 11-10-2022

an Daniluk
(born 1984), PhD, is a graduate of the Faculty of History at the University of Gdańsk.

Deputy Director for History and Cultural Heritage at Hevelianum (www.hevelianum.pl). Professional historian with 14 years experience. Formerly employed at the University of Gdańsk, Sopot Museum, Research Department of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, and the Education and Research Department of the Gdańsk Branch of the Institute of National Remembrance. 

Works with NGO's, the tour guide community, district councils and cultural institutions. Historical commentator, expert consultant for publications (incl. historical novels), reviewer, author of historical commentaries. He also conducts research for commerial institutions (e.g. investors). 

Jan Daniluk's main area of interest is the history of Gdańsk and Sopot (Danzig and Zoppot, 19th-20th century). His research interests also include the history of the territories incorporated into the Third Reich during World War II, and the history of East Prussia (1933-1945). More broadly, he is also interested in the SS, the SA and the Third Reich's police forces, as well as POWs in German captivity. In addition, he has an interest in the history of colonialism, particularly German (1884-1919). 

Jan Daniluk is also a fan of kayaking, Depeche Mode, board games and reading (novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, urban fantasy and steampunk). Privately, he is a husband and father of three daughters. 

Phot. Dawid Linkowski.

Scholarships and grants:

  • 2011-2014 – grants for independent research for doctors and young scientists of UG (research stays in Freiburg i.Breisgau, Munich, Berlin and Potsdam)
  • 2010 – a scholarship of the Herder Institute (a research stay in Marburg)

Membership in scientific associations, editorial committees etc.:

  • Since 2019: Board Member in Polish-American Foundation for Commemoration of POW Camps in Szubin                                      (www.szubinpowcamps.org)
  • 2018-2020: Vice-President Rady Programowej Hevelianum (www.heweilanum.pl)
  • 2018-2022: Stowarzyszenie Muzeów Uczelnianych (www.muzeauczelniane.pl)
  • Since 2014: Towarzystwo Domu Uphagena (www.domuphagena.pl)
  • 2014-2022: Verein für corpsstudentische Geschichtsforschung e.V. (www.vfcg.eu)

Awards and distinctions:

  • 2014 – The UG Chancellor Award (II Degree) for the best PhD candidate (the academic year 2012/2013)
  • 2010 – Gdańsk Municipal Award (2nd place, ex equo) for the best diploma thesis devoted to Gdańsk